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Maxwell Müller has spent the past 12 months developing a never-before-seen vision of coastal beauty. A self-taught photographer and waterman, he has merged his creative mindset with a deep passion for the ocean and all it offers.



Maxwell’s portfolio can be traced back to the pivotal moment when his parents gave him an underwater film camera for their trip to St. Lucia. At the young age of 12, Müller aimlessly took shots of their Caribbean dives, developed the film, and flourished an excitement that would continue to his international travels of water photography.

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Art Should Be More Approachable

Müller wanted anyone and everyone to have the ability to find his work and discover an image that fits his/her home perfectly. Wherever you are in the world, Müller strives to evoke your desired emotions through compelling artwork. Whether you search for a chill vibe or seek to bring life and energy to a space, there is a Maxwell Müller print waiting for you. If you need help finding one, please contact us.


 Follow Along - What’s Next?

Today, Maxwell Müller can be found wandering foreign coastlines, swimming with sharks, joining board meetings with eco-friendly organizations, or working on his newest collection of fine art. Follow Maxwell’s journey. He posts frequently on social media, sharing the behind-the-scenes of his coastal lifestyle.




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