Van Life


It started at a family reunion- my cousin, Luke Muller, explained to me that 2019 would be a busy year for him as he trains and competes for the US Sailing team. Yea, my cousin is a badass, go click that link on his name to find out more. So with this busy schedule of traveling and training, Luke needed to put his Sportsmobile van in storage and focus on his sailing goals. Queue myself into the scenario…. Luke and I were at the family reunion talking about our 2018 year, his of which included many times roaming the country in his beloved van “Bessie”. Spontaneously, Luke asked me “Instead of putting Bessie into storage, why don’t you take her for a bit?” I said “Hell yes!” followed by a few questions, and before I knew it, I was behind the wheel of a ‘95 Dodge Sportsmobile Van.

A swell was forming on the East coast of Florida, and a buddy of mine said I should cruise up to surf with him and some guys at Ponce Inlet. I was a little hesitant to bring Bessie on the beach, but the hard-packed sand was a breeze. I parked the car, popped the top, and we had ourselves an epic time hanging with some waist-high waves.


After two sessions, we shared beers and hungout until the sun dipped below the horizon. The lifeguards kicked everyone off the beach and we headed to Jerry’s- a casual Italian restaurant with outdoor seating and badass pizzas, wraps, and live music. Highly recommend.

The day is looked back on as one of those classic beach days with good surf and good company… and a damn good van. Enjoy the pictures!


Last note about the van: After spending a few days with it, I realized there was a very unique vibe that came with old steering wheel, in-van kitchen, and surf racks- the van made me slow down. In every way. I couldn’t help but to take it a little bit slower, roll the windows down and take in the environment, dream of old memories, think about new goals, and enjoy every minute of the ride. To be honest, I would much rather prefer a suped-up Mercedes Sprinter, but there was something so organic about riding in an old timer that made the surf trip THAT much better.

I know Luke has a busy year ahead of him. I hope I can finagle a few more trips with Bessie ;)

Surf Towels: Pendleton Woolen Mills
Grey Cotton T-Shirt: Pendleton Woolen Mills
Navy Corduroy Pants: Levi’s
Bluetooth Speaker: JBL Charge 3
Surfboard: WRV
Single Fin: Futures Fins

Photographers: Maxwell Muller & Josh Marmetschke

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