frequently asked questions

  1. When will I receive my order?

    1. All unframed prints will ship out by Friday of the week print was purchased. For all orders received on Friday we try our best to ship out same-day but cannot make any promises. In that case, orders placed on Friday will ship out the following week.

    2. Please note orders that are placed during a week of a bank holiday will be delayed by a couple of days.

    3. For all framed orders, please allow 2 weeks until shipment. Small sized framed prints will ship via FedEx Ground within the U.S. and various speeds to select international countries. Medium sized framed prints will ship via FedEx Ground within the U.S. Large sized framed prints will be delivered via a freight service, which takes approximately 1 week and they will call ahead to schedule a delivery. All products have a different policy, however most ship FedEx Ground which takes 2–5 business days. If you would like to request special or rushed delivery, please email us at INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  2. Do you ship worldwide?

    1. We are able to ship all prints internationally. We are able to deliver framed photography within the continental US and Canada only at this time. Please note: FedEx cannot deliver to P.O. boxes nor on US Bank holidays.

  3. Why does my credit card keep declining? Please help!

    1. There are several reasons it may not be working:

    2. Billing address mismatch: Most orders decline when the billing name and address you input does not match up with the address on file with your credit card company. Try checking with your bank account online, or your credit card statement, and entering your name and address as it appears there.

    3. Too many attempts: If you have made multiple repeated attempts that declined (typically from a typo or address mismatch in your first attempt), your financial institution may have blocked any purchase from our site on your behalf. This is done to protect the cardholder from fraud and multiple felonious purchases. You will have to wait at least a few hours or you can contact them to have the hold removed.

    4. Browser Issues: If you have already attempted a transaction, please reboot your browser to clear the cache. Or try a different internet browser.

  4. What is your return policy?

    1. All sales are final. We have a non-returnable and non-refundable policy. If you received the wrong order or your order was damaged in transit please contact INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  5. Do I need to sign for my packaged delivery?

    1. If your order is less than $1000 the package will not require a signature. If your item is over $1000 your package WILL require a signature. The Maxwell Muller studio is not responsible for any packages that have not been signed for upon delivery.

  6. Do you offer framed or mounted?

    1. Yes, both! Conveniently shipped to your door, framed and mounted prints are available in our standard size prints. Framed and mounted prints are available for all orders within the continental U.S. and Canada only at this time.

    2. Framed prints are currently offered with a floating black frame option. This gives the metal print a space between the edge of the print and the frame. Further, the metal print is flush with the frame (see image for detail & example).

  7. I plan to frame my mounted print at my local framer. What are your framing specifications?

    1. We strongly advise framing your prints through Maxwell Muller Studio. The options we provide are of the highest value in visual presentation and durability.

  8. How do I clean my print?

    1. You must be pretty bummed, but I have good news for you - it’s easy! For small finger prints, dirt, and marks, grab a lint-free cloth with a basic cleaning substance. Squirt the cleaning substance on the cloth and gently buff out the area. The metal print is strong, but not stronger than you and your big muscles. So while you can use some elbow grease to clean the area, make sure you are not bending or damaging the print. If the issue can not be solved with a lint-free cloth, then it sounds like you have a bigger problem on your hands. Feel free to contact INPUT EMAIL HERE with an image and description of your issue.

  9. Do you offer repairs to damaged frames?

    1. No. If your item is damaged please contact INPUT EMAIL HERE within 14 days of your order. We do not repair wear and tear on framed prints past 14 days.

  10. What are the dimensions of the border around the image?

    1. Mounted images extend to the edge of the metal.

    2. Framed images have approximately ¼” gap between the image and the frame, and another ¼” to the outer edge of the frame, equating to ½” from the edge of the image to the outer edge of the border.

  11. Will my print be signed and/or editioned?

    1. All prints ordered from our site will be signed by the photographer. All large format prints (24" x 36" and over) are editioned. Certain small prints (11.5" x 17") are editioned depending on the series. Please refer to the shop for specifics on the print you wish to purchase.

  12. Do you know what edition I will receive?

    1. If you'd like to confirm which edition number you'll receive, please email INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  13. How do I decide which print/collection will fit me best?

    1. By answering a few short questions, you will provide our team of GM consultants the information they need to hand pick a selection of artworks specially for you. Visit our Consultation Page here.

  14. The item I want is sold out/backordered. What now?

    1. We do not re-release or restock limited edition prints once they are sold out. If you are inquiring about a Maxwell Muller product please email INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  15. What if my order is lost?

    1. If by chance a package is lost in transit we are happy to work with you to resolve the issue but we kindly ask that you report it to the carrier FedEx before reaching out to INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  16. How can I ensure authenticity of artworks?

    1. Limited edition prints are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity.

  17. Do your prices change overtime?

    1. All prices are subject to change. We retain the right to adjust prices at any given moment.

  18. Where can I see Gray Malin work on display?

    1. The work is on display at various locations throughout the globe. Please email us at INPUT EMAIL HERE to find out if there is a location in your area or to schedule a design consultation appointment with us.

  19. Can I have the Gray Malin Studios create a custom print?

    1. Yes, the Maxwell Muller Studio is available to create custom prints of images offered on the online store. Please email us with the image and custom size you would like at INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  20. This is a gift! Do you include the price within the package?

    1. We do not include a price nor an invoice within any of our shipments. If you would like to include a handwritten note within your order, please email your order number and message to INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  21. Does Maxwell Muller donate print for charity?

    1. Yes, on occasion, we donate prints for charities. If you would like to be considered for a donation please email INPUT EMAIL HERE and we are happy to look at your request. Please inform us of all details and note that, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all requests.

  22. Do you collaborate with other brands/people?

    1. Absolutely. We love collaborating. If you have an idea or want to discuss a way for us to work together, please email INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  23. Can I purchase a hi-res image to print myself or print onto a canvas?

    1. We do not license our images for others to print.

  24. How do you print the images on metal?

    1. We use a process called dye sublimation. Dye sublimation is when an image is first printed on a special transfer paper using specially made dye sub inks. The print transfer is then placed on top of the aluminum panel where it is pressed with a heat press at 400 degrees. This allows the inks to turn into a gas and become absorbed into the polyester coating surface of the aluminum panel. The end result is a vivid print that almost has a 3D feel to it.

    2. We achieve the greatest results possible. We explored every kind of process for producing a high definition aluminum print, and the dye sublimation process using a specific type of aluminum gave us by far and away the highest quality print that we can be proud of to offer our customers.

  25. Is your website secure/safe?

    1. Yes, is safe and secure. We use a world class e-commerce solution, along with SSL encryption, and a variety of other enhancements to maintain a PCI compliant shopping environment. For alternative purchasing methods, feel free to email or call customer service to assist you in placing an order.

Shipping Policy


  • Please note that if you place an order during a week of a U.S. bank holiday that shipment might be delayed slightly.

  • Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and Federal holidays.

  • FedEx cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.

  • If your order is less than $1000 the package will not require a signature. If your item is over $1000 your package WILL require a signature. The Maxwell Muller Studio is not responsible for any packages that have not been signed for upon delivery.

  • Shipments may experience slight delays during heavy sales periods or weather related issues.

  1. Return Policy

    1. All Maxwell Muller prints and products are final sale, non-returnable and non-exchangeable. All Maxwell Muller prints and products purchased through 3rd party vendors are non-exchangeable and non-returnable through our site. Please refer to the 3rd party vendor's terms and conditions for any issues with your order.

  2. Damaged/Incorrect/Lost Orders

    1. Any damaged or incorrect Maxwell Muller prints or products, purchased on our site, are eligible for replacement. We require all damaged and incorrect prints/products to be returned to our studio for replacement. On the day of your delivery please carefully inspect your shipping package. Be sure to document any/all impurities and include this information when contacting customer service regarding your damaged item. We must receive written notification as well as photo documentation of damages within 14 days of receiving item. After 14 days, we will no longer be able to replace an item. For damaged or incorrect work, please send an email to INPUT EMAIL HERE.

  3. Promotions

    1. Only 1 promotion is applicable at a time and promotions cannot be combined.

    2. The designer/trade discount cannot be combined with current promotions.

    3. Promotions are applied at checkout and cannot be adjusted or added after an order is placed.

    4. If you have forgotten to add your promotion, please email INPUT EMAIL HERE within 24 hours from the time you ordered your print(s). After 24 hours, we will not honor desired promotion applications. All sales are final.